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Player Piano: A mid-century composer’s obsessive quest to build a songwriting machine.

The Word For Man Is Ishi: Ursula Le Guin’s family history and the science of man.

Parakeet Panic: A 1970s panic over invasive parakeets reveals a history of population control.

Acting Out: The forgotten origins of social network theory, an Austrian megalomaniac, and the missing chapter in Ella Fitzgerald’s life.

Callings: A freelance wiretapper-turned-evangelist reveals the link between the histories of the telephone & American spirituality.

The Krononauts: How the pandemic bent time & a history of the time travel plot.

This Is Your Captain Speaking: Why do all pilots have the same voice?

The Farming Game: A back-to-the-lander’s farming dream gets crushed by the farm crisis. Then, he invents a boardgame. 

Repeat After Me: A 1950s hypnosis craze, postwar psychology, and spiritualism.

It Came From Outer Space (co-written with Jill Lepore): On Michael Crichton & virus conspiracies.


30 Hours With American Christmas, New York’s Go-To Christmas Decorator | The frantic race to decorate NYC before Thanksgiving (Curbed)

Act Your Age | On body-swap films and the history of childhood (Yale Review)

Work Imitates Life | On tech company campuses & company towns. (Aeon)

What War of the Worlds Did | On the legacy of the famous radio play. (Aeon)

The Lore of Big Thief | On the rise of indie-rock darlings Big Thief (NPR)

Every man reads one book in his life, and this one is mine | On E.B. White & Thoreau (Salon)


Teens on Guns in America | producer (NPR)

Bon Iver Live in Concert | producer (NPR)

Anthony Hamilton’s Journey Home | producer (NPR)

The Stories Behind Alicia Keys’ Hits | producer (NPR)

Tiny Desk Concert: Khruangbin | editor (NPR)

Jorge Drexler Night Owl | series producer (NPR)

If I Didn’t Know You By Now | editor

Where Is My Other Half | editor
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